Adhering to the spirit of sustainable development, Guoheng chemical will implement the environmental safety and health policy of "make good use of resources, prevent pollution, and continuously improve", adopt the best available technology (bact) and equipment, and strive to improve environmental pollution problems such as wastewater, air, noise, solid waste, soil and groundwater, and actively promote carbon dioxide inventory, In order to achieve the goal of environmental protection, measures are proposed to reduce carbon emissions in the process of production, transportation and storage. Guoheng chemical will cooperate with national policy to produce petrochemical products with environmental protection, low pollution and high added value!

Aiming at "zero accident, zero injury and zero pollution", Grand Pacific Chemical will adhere to and introduce relevant international environmental safety and health standards, regularly check safety, health and environmental protection related actions, and implement the concept of environmental sustainability,so as to build the safest and healthiest workplace environment for employees.


Environmental safety and health policy

In order to seek sustainable operation and development, and conform to international trends of environmental safety and health, Grand Pacific Chemical hereby formulates the following environmental safety and health policies:
  • 01. Comply with national regulations and other commitments and requirements, and promote the environmental safety and health management system
  • 02. Continue to offer necessary education, training, communication and consultation to employees and subcontractors to ensure that they have safe and healthy awareness and behave correctly
  • 03. Constantly improve the environmental safety and health management system to enhance the results of environmental safety and health management
  • 04. Reduce the waste of energy and resources, and achieve zero accident, zero injury and zero pollution
  • 05. Eliminate potential risks, promote health management and promote physical and mental health of employees




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