Talent Policies

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    Education &Training

    Grand Pacific Chemical assists employees in quickly integrating into the company environment and corporate culture and systematically learning knowledge and experience, and encourage and stimulate learning through functional development plan and perfect training system.

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    Career Development

    Draw up personal development plan as the basis of training, assessment and development. Match with a sound promotion system, so that colleagues can give full play to their talent.

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    Tutorial System

    Choose experienced old employees or their immediate superiors as mentors, convey the correct ideas and methods of the company to employees, and guide and cultivate subordinates through specific work. An excellent manager is not only good at business, but also good at authorization.

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    Job Rotation

    Appropriate rotation is an effective mechanism for talented people to come forth in large numbers. Rotation can effectively solve the problems of job burnout and talent gap, especially find out that employees are really good at it, and cultivate talents with special skills.

  • Management posts

    Strengthen team leadership

    Broaden horizons and maintain diversity

  • Professional posts

    Cultivate one's own academic ability

    Accumulate professional intelligence

Dual-track operation, flexible rotation, high adaptability and talent promotion




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